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Portable Venues Steel Buildings

A Portable Venues Steel Building can represent considerable savings over a conventional permanent building

The Advantages of Portable Venues Steel Buildings

Portable Venues Steel Buildings are ideal for long periods of use:

  • Designed for 3-35 years use
  • Ideal where insulation is required
  • Ideal where full security is required
  • All steel construction for strength and durability
  • A Solid permanent foundation is necessary

Steel Buildings are an ideal alternative to standard bricks and mortar construction and come at a fraction of the cost 

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Bespoke designed Permanent Steel Buildings to meet your requirements.



Designed for periods of up to 35 years with a very low capital cost compared to a traditional steel or brick and mortar Instant Steel Building.

Comfort and Protection

Comfort and Protection

Portable Venues permanent steel buildings can be supplied with a full range of cladding options to meet latest Building Regulations L2A compliancy for energy efficiency.

Short Construction Timescales

Short Construction Timescales

Far faster to build than a traditional steel or brick and mortar building.

Supplied Documents Pack

Supplied Documents Pack

We will provide you with design and structural drawings along with all the necessary calculation packs to present to your local authority.

Case Studies by Building Type

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Why Steel Buildings are Better than Bricks and Mortar

"How to get the Steel Building You want to Your Bespoke Specification for a Fraction of the Cost of a Traditional Building"

If you're considering a new industrial building or looking to extend an existing unit for your company or organisation, here is a proven, cost-effective way to do it quickly and easily.

And when you see how little it costs, compared to traditional bricks and mortar buildings, you'll be surprised.  You see, you can have a Portable Venues Steel Building for a fraction of the cost of a conventional building, in any length you need up to 40 metres wide, and with side heights up to 8 metres tall, to maximise volume.

How?  Well, you won't need to suffer the costs or delays of architects, structural engineers and construction companies for starters, because we do their outrageously expensive, time-consuming work for you. This not only makes it so much easier to get the building you want, but it also means you can have it in a fraction of the time you'd expect. Buildings can be installed in less than 28 days subject to stock availability. In fact, the only thing you need is the land to stand it on and we'll do the rest - from start to finish - even the concrete pad if you need one.

This will be welcomed news if you've ever been involved in the procurement, planning or purchasing of an industrial building before, because if you have, you'll know what a time- consuming, long drawn-out process it usually is.

"No Delays - No Hidden Costs - Guaranteed!"

In many construction projects it's the hidden costs people find hard to stomach.  Typically, you will find the cost just keeps on increasing up and up and up, as the inevitable 'hidden' charges and unplanned delays creep in - which YOU have to pay for.  But thanks to a remarkable breakthrough in technology, you can forget these problems because we design the building you want to your own bespoke specification - at a fraction of the cost of other steel buildings.  However, if you think you may need something more temporary take a look at our Smart-Space Temporary Buildings website for some alternative buildings.

"No Specialists Required"

Let me explain how we can do this: our designs and technology have enabled us to overcome the need to involve architects, structural engineers and builders - which speeds up the process AND saves you a small fortune too.  You see, we design the buildings from scratch in-house, and our own fully-trained installers construct the buildings too, which saves you thousands AND reduces the time from order to completion.

Don't worry though; there are absolutely no short cuts. Because we supply you with architectural drawings for local authority planning and building control.  The buildings are all fully galvanised and manufactured to BS6399-Part 2, and are totally maintenance-free.  Best of all, there are absolutely no hold-ups getting started.

"Total Turn-Key Service"

We supply the detailed drawings you'll need for the concrete base which will be required, unless you've already got an existing level concrete base, amongst the pack you will receive with the quote for the building you require - so nothing's left to chance or forgotten.  And our installers will also fit any lights, or doors you require, so the only arrangements you will have to make are for connection to essential services, which you can probably easily source locally.

"Free Quotation Without Obligation"

To get an idea of the cost of a building you've got in mind, simply go to our Quotation Page.  It's really simple, as you'll see. You just complete the required fields and then hit the submit button, and we'll email and post a quote back to you.

We can always arrange to meet you on site or you can come to our premises conveniently located just off Junction 10 of the M42 (Tamworth) where you'll also be able to see a couple of units we've erected as demonstration models.  But there's plenty of time of that.  Alternatively, if you'd like to get an information pack to get a better idea of the kind of buildings we supply, do go to our Free Guides Page.

Yours for the building you want, for a fraction of the cost you'd expect. 


Antony Hunt

Managing Director

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